Go from PowerLESS to PowerFUL… 

in your self and relationships

Do you get in your head a lot? Generally confident and secretly feel “not good enough?” Been there.  

CLICK HERE to binge my story of going from powerless to powerful in love and life and ultimately becoming a Power Love Woman.

Hi, I'm Michelle!

I help women like you awaken your inner Power Love Woman so you can:

- love and trust yourself

- build loving relationships without losing yourself

- feel powerful, strong, and independent without barriers to love

The process I take clients through, allows them to expertly navigate those tough in-between spaces and claim their power in love & life.  

Michelle Baxo, speaker, teacher, author and coach, helps women be the whole of who they are while creating loving relationships with themselves and others.

You can find Michelle in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, INSIDER, Thrive Global, and in countless podcasts and summits.

Michelle’s YouTube Channel provides a wealth of knowledge around love and empowerment and her new book Power Love Dating is now on Amazon.

Michelle has a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and a professional background in psychotherapy, mind-body healing, and was formerly a personal development manager and program leader with Landmark Worldwide.

The magic ingredient to all of her work is called Power Love, which lives “in-between” the extremes of being powerful and loving which would otherwise sabotage our intentions.

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