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"Power Love Visualization"


Benefits of this 30 minute exercise.. 

  •  Begin to clear the clutter in your mind and energy that's been holding you back
  •  Experience a sense of freedom from your past
  •  Access a more clear vision of your personal goals and dreams
  • See the future you, with your dreams fulfilled

Presented by

Michelle Baxo 

Hi, I'm Michelle!

I get to work with clients who are successful & effective in some areas, but they want it consistent throughout. 

What they don't realize is that the way they desire and go after their dreams is actually leaving them powerless and ineffective. 

The process I take clients through clears out the baggage quickly (sometimes instantly!) and creates space for tangible results and a joyful experience of life.

This is one of the exercises my clients use to begin to clear the past and create a clearer picture of the person they want to be. 

As you begin to get more clear, the possibility for manifestation (e.g. of that relationship, that joy or that money) becomes conceivable.

"I'm committed to people having their most fulfilled life. Love yourself, your life and thrive in love."  

Michelle is a Love Coach, with a masters degree in Counselling Psychology and extensive experience as a psychotherapist, mentor, intuitive healer and coach.  

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