Attract Your Perfect Match

6 effective ways accomplished women attract their perfect match without compromising themselves 

(even if you're afraid it's never gonna happen for you)

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Learn the shifts to attract the right person and fall deeply in love (while being your WHOLE self) 

  •  Discover why you are successful in other areas but not your love life (and what to do about it)
  •  How to attract the good ones and what to do with the ones who just aren't for you
  •  What makes THE difference in attracting the right person, AND being appreciated for who you REALLY are
  •  Get REAL with yourself in a way you've never been before!
Plus, you'll leave with NEW actions to take now!

"It was so amazing! Michelle completely distinguished things I hadn't seen before. Thanks so much. Let's do this!"

Amber, 35


Michelle Baxo

Michelle is an International Love Coach & Founder of Power Love Project. She has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, and a rich professional background in mind-body healing and coaching for action-oriented results. 

For years, her love life was a mess... until she cracked the code in the love department! She discovered that she had been putting all her efforts in the wrong relationships and once they abondoned her patterns, she was able to explore and discover the real possibility of a loving, empowering, and passionate relationship. 

She uncovered the REAL work to go from single and frustrasted to empowered and in love. Michelle is on a mission to help you love yourself, your life AND to fall in love with the RIGHT person. 


...because extraordinary women 


extraordinary love!

You CAN have your vision of love, but he's not just going to come knocking on your door! If you want extraordinary, you need to start doing more than wishing and hoping! 

Let's get you in ACTION!


“I signed up because I was tired of making poor selections when it came to dating men as well as getting into crappy relationships that weren’t fulfilling or what I truly desired."

Leslie, 29

"Michelle's free webinar really spoke to me. Before I watched the webinar, I really thought there weren't nice, good men out there anymore and I had given up hope in dating and relationships. The night before I watched it, I had wished for help in my love life. Upon watching her webinar, I was inspired to hear from Michelle that I had the power to shift myself so that I attracted good people, and that there was hope to have a love in my life. "

Elizabeth, 30

Are you ready for a profound shift in your love life?


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