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8-module love & dating program designed specifically for powerful women who want a lasting relationship with someone who can match her awesomeness.

Self-growth & empowerment finally meet love & dating

Finding love today isn't what it used to be. Times have changed.

Are you fed up with the dating world because you can't find what you're looking for? 

Afraid of repeating your mistakes or wasting your time?

Not willing to settle?

I get it. 

It's time to stop waiting. 

Take your love life into your own hands.

Imagine what it would FEEL like to have a TRUE partner; someone to share your life with; someone to fulfill those dreams with.



It's not about looking perfect or saying the right thing. 

It's about...

  • getting the RIGHT person to see the REAL you.
  • naturally attracting your perfect match.
  • getting in action and making your future relationship a priority now.

I've helped lawyers, teachers, executives, life coaches, entrepreneurs and other kick-ass women create loving, empowering relationships with extraordinary men. 

I even did it myself. It wasn't easy. It was definitely worth it.

Let's take the mystery out of love & dating so you can finally share your life with your true partner!

I'm Ready for LOVE!

Fall in love with your match while being your WHOLE self.

  •  Stop your unhealthy patterns in their tracks (be the REAL you instead)
  •  Navigate the dating world and get yourself some great choices!
  •  Breakthrough what's been holding you back
  •  Learn to use your inner guidance to choose the right person 
  • Fall madly in love with yourself so you can attract a quality partner to do the same

POWER LOVE PROJECT helps you attract the right people so you can choose the best person for you!

" I was able to allow into my life an incredible relationship with someone who I know I can rely on and trust, and who I feel safe leaning on and receiving from." 

Jadrianne, 29

"My favorite part is being able to love myself for exactly who I am. Being able to see how desirable I am. Finding wonderful men who are in alignment with what I want."

Aggie, 32
You can only attract love to the degree you feel worthy.

If you're an accomplished single woman looking for love AND...

 You're attracting the wrong ones 

  • They don't want commitment
  • You can't find what you're looking for

You're seeing patterns 

  • They are either non-commital, unavailable, narcissistic, etc.
  • You keep being accomodating, disillusioned, or guarded, etc.

You're hesitant to trust (or trust too much) 

  • A part of you is scared. 
  • You don't want to repeat the past.  

You are ready to find your person 

  • You've rocked the independent life and now you want to have an awesome relationship too.
  • You want to learn the right skills and allow for the relationship of your dreams.

POWER LOVE PROJECT is designed for you.

Afraid there are no good ones left? 

I'll show you how to go from scarcity to abundance, then help you choose the right person to build a healthy, empowering relationship.

"I never would have thought that I would have 4 different men, that are all really incredible and I can't even decide between them!" Brenda, 32


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$497 (best value)

(or 3 easy payments of $189 click here)

  • 8 transformational modules to help you navigate finding love
  • Guest expert content to compliment your journey
  • 1 year access so you can go at your own pace
  • Pay in full BONUS: you get a 50-min private session with Michelle ($200 value)



Grow together, learn together and celebrate your unique selves. 

Love Yourself. Love Your Life. Fall in Love. Don't settle.



(1 year access)

8 weekly modules (with video training & worksheets to guide you) including:

- Step-by-step process for dating and finding love

- Self-growth process to ensure you're not in your own way

- Mindset tools to keep you in the game until you have the result (love)

- A guided structure for getting dates, the dating process, and choosing the one

- Go at your own pace or complete in 8 weeks!


Includes online dating skills, dating 50+, healing and alignment expert trainings on health, finances, energy alignment, and more.


Access 1 module per week

INTRO: This includes a workbook to reflect on and complete, touching on all the places currently impacting your love life. This plants the seeds of your transformation and expands the way you look at your love life. 


Mindset & Clarity of Desires

You could take all the 'right actions' but you need the right mindset to get NEW results. You'll also be supported in getting clear about what you want and how to find it.


Clean Slate & Alignment

As you align with your truth and release your past, it will become obvious when someone is a potential match or not. 


Find the RIGHT People

Rather than searching for your match (which never works), you'll use our "Dating Game" to naturally shift who you attract and who you're attracted to. This way, you can meet someone that aligns perfectly with you.  

The "Dating Game" is also a framework for action, consistency and accountability.  


Build Boundaries (not walls)  

Take a closer look at what you need in order to fully honor YOU and be treated with exceptional love and respect by the people in your life, especially the people you date. You'll quickly change the way you are treated with these advanced communication skills.  


Remove Armor & Allow Vulnerability  

Now that you have mastered healthy boundaries, it is completely safe for you to remove your armor. Armor is the way you protect yourself, but since it's based on fear, it separates you from people. You will elevate the potential for deep connection.  


Release Love-Blockers  

This week's focus is on releasing trapped anger, fear, and other deep emotions holding you back from the love life you want.



You don't want spark, you want connection. Take your capacity to connect to a whole new level and discover how to attract somone who can connect at your level.  


Commitment & Choosing the One  

Learn how and when to choose who to commit to so you can begin fulfilling the future you desire. Catch self-sabotage in its tracks and allow the deep intimacy you truly desire.  


  • Dating Profile instruction with Michelle Baxo
  • Release Emotional Triggers with Belinda Ginter
  • Dating 50+ with Jina B 
  • Unleash the Divine Feminine with Lesley Thompson
  • Align your Energy to Receive love with Louisa Havers
  • Take on your health, fitness, finances and more!
  • and more!

What our clients say:

“ It has given me a new confidence and self appreciation. I’ve learned that when I love myself from the inside out, the right people gravitate towards me"

Leslie, 29

"It is now no surprise that in the past I had been attracting those who gave conditional love - that's what I was giving myself. With this program, even in dating, I have begun to experience and imagine what a much bigger, overflowing love feels like."

Elizabeth, 30

Our clients create amazing relationships!

"Things have been incredible. He's the most amazing guy I've ever dated and our connection is something I didn't think I'd ever experience. I've met his family and he's asked me to be his girlfriend".  

"Ah, thank you! We are both so happy and grateful to have found each other. And I'm grateful for YOU. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for our coaching!"


$497 (best value)

or, 3 easy monthly payments of $189 click here

  • 8 weekly modules of practical dating skills and transformative inner work
  • Bonus expert training
  • 1 year access!
  • Pay in full BONUS: you get a 50-minute call with Michelle ($200 value)


Michelle Baxo

I'm Michelle, a coach, mentor, writer, speaker & Founder of Power Love programs. I have a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology, and a rich professional background in counselling, mind-body healing and results-based coaching. My personal story led me to love coaching specifically.

For years, my love life was a mess... until I discovered that I had been looking for love in all the wrong places. Once I abondoned my old patterns and learned the right skills with the right mindset, I was amazed to discover the real possibility of a loving, empowering, and passionate relationship. 

Today I share my life with my rock, Tommy. We made a beautiful daughter together and we are proud to say that we consciously create every facet of our relationship as we grow together and as individuals. Our promise is that we empower each other to achieve our dreams-- that's power love!

I went from single and frustrasted to empowered and in love. 

I don't want to be the exception so I've created a pathway for you to make your own vision of love totally doable, even if it seems impossible right now. 

Let's get you in ACTION! 


More than just a dating program

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me? This program works. What you need to ask yourself is whether you are prepared to make your future life (e.g. husband and/or kids) a priority now. Make the time and do the program by design and you will see results.

Do you have a payment plan? Yes. If you do not wish to pay in full, our payment plan is 3 monthly payments of $189. Click Here to go back to payment page.

Am I too old or too young? Power Love participants are usually aged 28-60. It's not about age. It's about being serious about wanting a commited relationship with a life partner. 

I've already been working on myself. How is this different? This self-work is specifically designed to support you in creating the love life you desire. Usually people hope that if they just work on themselves that finding love will be a residual effect. My experience shows this rarely works. You will however notice that the work you do in POWER LOVE will have a positive effect on other areas of your life so it's a win win.

I'm not even going on dates. Will you help me with this? Absolutely. You will be supported with the skills to find great people to go on dates with, both online and in-person. 

I can easily get dates but it never works out. Will you help me with this? Totally! I can show you how to find people much better suited to you. This program will help you make sure you don't settle, and that you don't sabotage something great. 

Shouldn't I be able to do this on my own? This isn't about needing support (like a crutch), it's about wanting it (like a tool). What's the big deal anyway? If you were serious about athletics, you'd hire a trainer. People spend years training for their career. Smart people get support in the areas where they want to reach the level of success they desire.

What if I want personal coaching? POWER LOVE PROJECT does not include personal coaching. If you prefer to do this program with coaching support you can sign-up for personal coaching. To get started, give us a call: CLICK HERE.

Can you guarentee I'll find my match in a certain time-frame? Of course not. There are too many variables outside of our control. That said, we are so confident in this program that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarentee. If you genuinely apply all the coaching and tools provided in the welcome pack and Module 1 and you honestly don't feel that this program will help you find love and improve your life, then just send us the completed work and we will happily refund your money if you contact us within 7 days of enrollment. 

After 6 years single, this 40 year old woman client fell in love quickly!

"This program works if you do the work" - Jina, 60

Your true partner is out there waiting for you. It's time to show up

We value your privacy. Please review our Privacy Policy 

These results are dependant on the participation of each client. As such we cannot guarentee these same results for everyone. Each person is responsible for their own results. We encourage each person to decide what is best for them and we honor that fully. The last thing we want is someone rushing into a relationship for the sake of producing a result.