The Mental


Finding Love



Success is 10% strategy and 90% mindset.

That goes for love too.

What's love got to do with mindset?


We all know that the road to lasting love can be incredibly challenging mentally and emotionally.

  • Dating apps are brutal
  • Single, attractive, emotionally mature people are rare
  • No time for the nonsense guys out there
  • Can't handle rejection again
  • Overthinking when you actually like someone
  • The uncertainty of how he feels
  • The uncertainty of how YOU feel
  • The risk of actually falling in love 
  • Worried about choosing wrong or choosing right and screwing it up

It's a lot!  (and we could go on!)

And it's not like we can take time off work to deal with this stuff.  It's all floating in our heads as we go through our day to day, which is distracting and annoying.  

No wonder so many people avoid getting back in the game or settle as soon as they find someone!!

But not you sister friend!

That is why in Power Love Project we start with the mindset of finding love and that is what I want to give you today. 

What to expect

  • Approx. 25 minutes of GOLD for your love life (video) delivered to your inbox.
  • Discover how love can be the most empowering, eye-opening and impactful personal growth journey of your life!
  • Completely shift your approach to love and dating starting TODAY
  • This life-altering training is directly from Michelle's paid online program, Power Love Project- an empowered approach to finding love without compromising yourself.
  • Get your head in the game of love without obsessing over it or pretending like it's 'no big deal'.
  • Help ensure that every swipe-right and every date comes from an authentic & playful place, rather than a longing for someone to fill the gaps in your life.


Michelle Baxo
Fearless Summit Toronto 2019

Michelle Baxo, is the epitome of the Power Love Woman. She is unapologetically powerful, beautifully bold, and courageously confident. She is raw, real, and relatable. 

Michelle doesn’t conform to the roles society expects her to play… she’s a bit rebellious in that way. She doesn't fit into any mold and she will not let the world try to force her to live inside any one particular box. 

Yes, she’s a woman. Yes, she’s a partner. Yes, she’s a mother. Yes, she’s a business owner. 

But none of these identities define her. And yet, at the same time… all of them influence her because they’re all interconnected.

Michelle is a wise and talented expert in (not to mention perpetual student of) women’s mindset, relationships, empowerment, and personal/professional development. She eats, sleeps, and breathes this work and incorporates it in every aspect of her life.

Her advice can be found in places like Cosmopolitan and Forbes as well as in her first book, Power Love Dating- a woman's real-world guide to empowered love.

This lady has a masters degree in Counselling Psychology, over a decade of experience in the personal development industry and she uses her expertise to be a catalyst so women can awaken the most powerful version of themselves and boldly claim more of what they want in love, life, and leadership.

But it’s not just Michelle’s expertise and experience that makes her stand out. It’s WHO SHE IS. 

Michelle is a Power Love Woman. This means that she’s skilled at the art of navigating in between ALL of the complex and beautiful identities and roles that shape her life… and being all of herself in that.    

Michelle is a fierce advocate for women and she wants to flip the script and change the game on what it means to be an empowered and powerful woman. 

She knows that at the core of every woman’s relationship with others… is the relationship she has with herself. Which is why she approaches womens’ mindset, growth, development, and empowerment by helping women look INWARD first. 

She guides women on a journey of radical self love and acceptance, because she knows that the unlimited success, deep fulfillment, pure joy, and unconditional love that these women seek… that it’s an inside job.

Michelle knows who she is and who she isn’t. She is confident in herself and yet aware that she is perpetually discovering and becoming more of herself. Her ownership of this is something others admire in her.  

She doesn’t live in absolutes or extremes. She instead navigates life in-between and grounds her choices and decisions in love, honor, and alignment for who she is and what she values. 

Michelle embodies everything that it means to be a Power Love Woman. She is madly in love… with herself and her life… and because she knows just how spectacular that is… she is on a mission to make sure EVERY woman feels this way too. 

Michelle asks one thing of YOU right now:

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